Friday, August 21, 2009


Middle aged women can have BFF's (best friends forever) and not feel silly.  I have been blessed this year.  I have connected with my friend Patty on so many different levels that we both believe we truly are twins, separated at birth.  And every day that we know one another, we are even more convinced that we have ALWAYS known the other!    

Patty is vibrant and funny and smart and beautiful and deeply committed to the promotion of knitting.  You walk into her shop with a chill in your heart and she warms you right up.  She's the self-appointed guardian of my knitting life, making certain that I know all about the latest trends in alpaca and the most righteous knitting accessories that are about to hit the retail market.  She lets me take things home to 'try out', even when she knows I won't bring them right back.   And be careful about raising your voice to me when she's in the room - you just don't want to do that.  In short, I am blessed.  So this morning, I started a new project (ssshhh)

Patty's oldest daughter will be delivering her fourth child in a few short months.  Word on the street is that she is having a little girl.  When I think of baby girls I cannot help but think of pink.  But my stash is sadly lacking in that department, so I turned to my Moda Layer Cake - the one that I have been hoarding.  For a very long time.  Magic.  It's all there.  Thank you Moda, and Carol Doak.  Stay tuned...


mrs said...

The new word on the street is that Patty's oldest daughter thinks the baby girl quilt is just beautiful and very lovely. What a special gift and how exciting to have something so pretty just for Abigail that no other child has had before her. Thank you Jody for thinking of me.

Bea said...

What sunbonnet sue pattern are you using? I was trying to find a pattern and I keep finding applique type ones. I really like your pieced version and wanted to try this.