Monday, August 24, 2009


When your children up and leave the nest it can be a time of great discovery and infinite sadness.  I have been struggling with this issue since January and some days are better than others.  Making friends with uncertainty is a task.  It's hateful, like internal housework.  Technology allows me to talk or text her whenever I like, but it cannot take the place of her footstep in the hall or the sound of the shower running.  When your child is tucked in and asleep upstairs, a peace prevails.  The world feels safe and sealed in.  You know what I mean.
I've developed a ritual that helps to keep the blues at bay.  I try to send her a package each week, and in it, fun things that she likes or needs and always something handmade.  Since she is very conscious of her health and fitness, I made a yoga mat bag for easier toting to the gym.  The pattern was a hand out from my local fabric shop, and the flamingo was essential!

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Zoey said...

Hi Jody,
What a great idea. I bet your daughter's gym friends will want one, too.

I love the flamingo. Did you do the Mystery block at Paper Panache? It's a cute flamingo this time.