Monday, August 17, 2009


When I turned 36 I gave myself the gift of knitting lessons.  Prior to that, I had convinced myself that the quilting, sewing, needlepointing, gardening and painting (to name a few!) that I did was more than enough to occupy my spare moments, and that adding yet ANOTHER passion would be a mistake.  But I could not stop myself from walking into Nina and Nancy's little yarn shop in Rhinebeck, where I would run my hands across the enticing skeins of yarn, brightly announcing that I was "just looking"!!!!  Who DOES that?  The owners just smiled.  They knew that the yarn had me at the door.

I signed up for a class.  We jumped right in - no scarf for this beginner.  I remember that I chose a Rowan cardigan pattern.  It took me a very long time to make this choice because the yarn shop had so many patterns to choose from.  I determined right then and there that I would never duplicate a pattern - that I would ALWAYS create something new and uncharted!  And this worked, that is, until I met the famous FEBRUARY LADY, Pamela Wynn's brilliant interpretation of the EZ  Sweater on Two Needles.  Thanks, girls.  

It pains me to tell you how many times I have violated my own rule with this pattern.  I need both hands for the count.  And I've never been happier.


Anonymous said...

Jody, it looks great!! The sweaters and the blog!

Bea said...

These are lovely. I haven't tried this sweater but its definitely on my list!

Paulina said...

This is a beautiful sweater Jody. I so look forward to our knitting together. Do you completely feel the peace within, not only in the needles but in the smell of the yarn as you work with it? There is a refined smell to good yarn. When you sit with it, you cannot help but be free from the the tiresome world.