Sunday, December 9, 2012

rainy weekend

The silent treatment always fills me with guilt, especially if it is given to me by the Dog.  (We spent far too much time in the sewing room on a rainy Saturday).  The Dog would prefer to be outside, mucking around in the tall daylily bed, sniffing out whatever the visitors from the night before have left.

This is resignation in its purest form.  Still, he is hopeful - so much so that I have to limit my trips downstairs to spare him the disappointment of NOT going out in the rain!  It means limited amounts of tea and restricted bathroom breaks!  I do love him so.  I've noticed that his gimpy hip is advancing and I know that surgery is in the cards and it breaks my heart to think that I will have to go on without him one day.  In a perfect world he would go with me everywhere - including work.  His cheerfulness would be a balm in that place, I can tell you!

I made a lined hat for my nephew who does ski rescue patrol out west.  I thought that it would be especially warm when worn under his helmut up in the mountains.  Unfortunately for Matt, Scott saw it first, tried it on and declared it perfect for working outdoor construction.  I've started another.

My niece has a business called Small Papers.  She sells the most wonderful cards and stationary, wrappings, stamps and who-hah's galore!  Her business has won awards in Connecticut and she is traveling now, doing trunk shows.  She has exquisite taste in all things.  I thought that a pillow would be just right for Christmas, done in one of her favorite color combinations.

And then, because it wasn't time for a bathroom break or a cup of tea, I made some coasters with my scraps.


MeinSie said...

so miss having a puppy!
you are SO clever! Love the envelopes!
thank you for keeping up with your blog - you will never know how much it fills a hole in my consciousness and replaces a bit my lack of green space and time.
love - becky

Suz said...

now you are a woman of passion

Delisa said...

Hi Jody! It was so nice to hear from you, I have missed you too. I have been away from my computer for awhile, I didn't plan to take a break from my blogging, but it just kind of happened. We have had guests visiting and my with mother-in-law's move, it has been a busy time. She has been living with us for twelve years, so it is really nice to see her so happily settled, she is really blossoming. Her beautiful apartment is in a senior community nearby and she is making a lot of new friends. I love my mother-in-law very much but I have to admit, I didn't realize how wonderful it would be to have my home and Tony to myself again. I have been kind of cocooned away the last few weeks in a fuzzy domestic bliss. :) I have been puttering away, cleaning out drawers, organizing my new studio, dancing in the "quiet", baking cookies, sipping tea, folding laundry and knitting hats. And then on top of all that to be feeling better physically too, it has been the best autumn in recent memory. Barkley was very good company for me when I came down with the flu. He gets very lovey dovey when I am sick. I love the picture of Harley in the sewing room. My new studio takes up the whole upstairs. So we had room to put in another twin guest bed. We now call it "Barkley's bed". The moment I go upstairs he jumps on the bed, curls up among all the needle point pillows and stays there until I am finished with my project. Does Harley like music? Barkley loves soft, celtic music. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen. If I turn on the music he will get down and lay in front of the speaker and stay there until I turn it off. It is so good to see all of your beautiful projects you always inspire me. I love your red lined hat and all your quilting and your cross stitch. I finally finished the peacock shawl and gave it to my friend. I have made Tony a couple of pairs of warm socks for the winter and have been making myself some hats and fingerless gloves. I give so much of what I make away. When I realized during our first cold snap that I had misplaced my ancient, red cap, and I didn't have another, I thought now is the time! I made a red set and now I am working on a winter white. I'll close for now my friend and hope that you have a lovely day ahead. With Love Delisa :)
P.S. I take my bag with me everywhere, I have had so many compliments on it. The girls at the knitting store said it was the best made knitter's bag they had ever seen! They appreciated all the fine stitching and details.