Wednesday, December 26, 2012

merry and bright

Christmas in New Canaan.  This tribute to our father, the Fire Chief.  And to my son, working a 48 hour shift, keeping people safe.

Gifts to open - no one wraps like my sister.  She graduated from Vassar College with honors in English, but I secretly believe that she majored in Good Taste!

The table - something special to behold -

The white lilies literally opened while we dined -

And everywhere one gazed, a treasure or two!

Doesn't everything taste better served from Waterford crystal?  Oh, and speaking of crystal - we had a 'moment' when dessert was served.  I'll get to that, but first -  Pop overs.  Has anyone waxed poetically over popovers recently?  My sister makes the most amazing popovers - worthy of a sonnet!

Hadley and I stood guard from oven to table  - they are THAT mouth-watering...

Dinner was delicious - but dessert, well .... dessert was a different story.  I didn't take photos, but you'll believe me when I tell you that we had a marvelous cheese cake, a gorgeous pecan pie and a deluxe carrot cake.  Yummy City.  Long story short, a crystal cake stand collapsed and slide sideways shattering into thousands of shards which flew in ALL directions, including the tops of the desserts.  So long, desserts.  Each and every one, shoveled into the trash.

What to do?  My mom and my brother-in-law and I piled into the car to go and have a walkabout at New Canaan's "Crown Jewel'  - the Waveny Restoration Park.

My BIL is a modest man and does not boast of his contributions to this incredible place.  But he has been instrumental in many phases of the Park - especially in the addition of the olympic pool ... but I don't want to embarrass him.  What I do want to say is that this place is so special - it is worth a stop and look.  My sister and her garden club have spent endless hours working in the Walled Garden -

And winter's dreary coat cannot veil all of those efforts.  It is a serene and splendid garden.

Imagine the summer concerts conducted on this lawn?

I fell HARD for this magical place ..

They had to scoop me up and head me toward home!


Suz said...

holy moly...what a fine table she ssets
and I love that grnadfather clock and the china sugar bowl on the buffet
...what a day you had....and the sweets'll be thankful when ou get on the scale next monday the gardens...sigh
and your bil must be a peach

Anonymous said...

Your photos show our much loved Waveny Walled garden to be just as spiritual in Winter as when the blooms begin. You can rent the garden for weddings and ceremonies, but so many people use it all week long for quiet reflection - it is a gift! Will you come back again?

Girl About Chelts said...

I have really enjoyed looking through your blog, you have a beautiful home x