Wednesday, November 21, 2012

these funny gnomes!  I love them.

Fun!  What would be more wonderful than a holiday quilt with gnomes!

Monica, your designs make me laugh - they are so fresh!  

I have been working again in the sewing room - taking a break from my knitting.  Here is a special package which is ready to ship - I can hardly wait to get this one out there!

And I have a new pot holder for my son who is hosting our Thanksgiving dinner at his house -

He's so great - he ran out and got gluten-free flour and lemons and the spices that I'd forgotten today. I'm going to reward him with the most gorgeous cherry pie ever!  (with crumb topping!)  And keep in mind - everything that we are eating this holiday is freaking specially gluten-free!!!  I'll let you know how it all works out ...

It's going to be hard without this guy. We still miss him so much.  

Happy Thanksgiving, All.

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