Saturday, November 24, 2012


The day after Thanksgiving always presents me with a dilemma.  I NEED to visit either the fabric store or the yarn shop.  The fabric store is a long drive to the east - across the river,  a different county, etc.  It means that I will bump into Black Friday shoppers (eeekkk!).  

The yarn shop, aaahhh, the blessed yarn shop - nestled under a bright blue Gardner sky with the Gunks as a magnificent backdrop. . . a pretty winding country road with sheep grazing and ponds dotting the landscape.

It's a no-brainer.  

If you ever find yourself in my corner of the world (upstate New York) you must take a trip to Gardner, which is south of New Paltz, another fun place to visit.  There you will find Paula's gem, The White Barn Sheep and Wool farm where she raises sheep and sells the most delightful combination of fibers.  When I say that it is the county's best kept secret, I do not exaggerate.  Paula is an artist and her fine sensibility reigns - the most unique patterns, the loveliest knitted samples, great tools, good assistance, workshops, knitting groups, gifts made by local artists (including moi) - but go for the FIBER!

You cannot leave empty-handed.  This discovery boasts almost 500 yards!  Paula believes in quality AND value. 

You can find whatever you need.  This is a place where you can drop your Thanksgiving inertia and inhale creative!

When I got home the mail lady had delivered one of my favorite catalogues - Isabella.  Have you seen this one?  I usually toss most of the catalogues in the trash ... but this one is special.  By the time I finish with it there are multiple turned down pages!

A happy weekend to all!


Wendy Luane Barber said...

Wow! I love your creative haul. A friend of mine has discovered a shop in the neighboring city and she's already signed up for classes. She's going to a take me next week. I already know how to knit and really want to get back to it. Maybe it will happen.

Jody said...

go for it, Wendy - knitting will calm you and your dolls will be influenced - no doubt!