Thursday, January 19, 2012

the face of love

I'm already looking for another holiday.  The space between New Year's and Valentine's Day is filled with peril.  Cold days, dark nights, chapped skin, flu bugs, bad news.  

This morning I was standing at the sink and I found myself humming that little ditty from White Christmas.  "When you're troubled and you can't sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep .." you know the one.  I do count my blessings, at least twice a day.  I offer up prayers and go over my gratitude list in the frosty dawn when I take the dog outdoors and again at night, under the stars - always with the dog.  And I've decided that his is the face of love.
He's always happy to see me, joyful, really.  He never gets mad at me or holds a grudge.  He overlooks my shortcomings and tries to engage me in play when I am sad.  He would never make fun of my bed-head or be embarrassed to be seen walking with me when I have on my purple pajama bottoms.  He doesn't mind bad breath or insolent cats.  Any shoe is a good one to carry around and his biscuits don't have to be of the green variety.  He's not wild about his Nutra dog food for overweight dogs, but who really LIKES diet food?  He is my protector and my companion and his middle name should be 'Loyal'.  

In the spirit of canine worship - I've knitted a few snoods for my sister's little cavaliers.  They have those long silky ears and short snouts and a snood comes in real handy, especially after they've been newly-groomed.
I've been having fun with my knitting - nothing too serious or complicated.  You wanted another look at my snoods?
And the outdoor shot with good lighting -
Can you believe the green boxwood in the background?  Indecent without a covering of snow!!!  I am wishing for snow.  Maybe I'll wear my pajamas inside out tonight.  


Suz said...

oh that is the face of love...and I must say your color choices are divine....what talent

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, your post brought tears to my eyes. You are so right! Barkley gives me this same kind of unconditional love and wakes up every morning with a happy smile. He has taught me so much. Barkley is on the same Nutro food. The breeder said that it would be good for his coat too because of the high protein and the salmon. No skin problems, allergies or hot spots since we have been using it. Your snoods are wonderful! They are delightful, the colors are so happy and bright. I can't wait to see a picture with the dogs wearing them! Your post today really touched my heart. Have a lovely afternoon! Delisa :)

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

I do love your pooch! And those snoods - how I would like one of my own in those colors! I think you must have worn your pj's inside out cause we got a lot of snow. Well, not really a lot by last year's standards - my momma dog doesn't disappear when she jumps from the top step in the back into the yard. But enough to make 2 labradors very frisky. Have a fun weekend!

Morna said...

Hi, Jody! That is some glorious banner you have now! And, your dog is so special - lucky you! xo