Saturday, March 19, 2011

an effort for Japan

We woke this morning to the news that Japan has been dealt another, albeit smaller, earthquake.  I am asking myself how much more suffering must these people endure.  Last night's CNN images of a small boy carrying a drawing - telling his lost family that he would return at a certain hour and to please wait, sent me into a cataclysm of emotion, making sleep an exercise in futility. We have to find ways to help.  There are many efforts underway to assist the people of Japan and quilters can visit Janet's group at Quiltsalott to join those who are sending warm quilts - new or used, to a Tokyo quilt shop owner who promises to distribute them to the most needy.  It is still winter in Japan, too cold to be sleeping outdoors without warm blankets and such. This is one wagon that I'll be hopping aboard and maybe you will, too.

 I have a special affinity with small aspects of the Japanese culture - having been introduced at an early age. My father carried several keepsakes back with him from the war.  It was the majestic flag that most fascinated me - the Rising Sun.  When I left home after college I hid it in my baggage.  Down the line, in Louisville, Kentucky, an old boyfriend stole it -  you know who you are.  Isn't it time to return it to me?   No questions asked.
Incredibly, I discovered this silk scarf this morning, hanging under my winter coat.  It is another piece that my father brought from Japan - one that my mother recently offered to me, one which I happily accepted.  The Japanese sensibility has permeated the fiber world in all directions - impacting the ways in which I look at beauty.  My friend Pauline embodies so much of what I admire about this culture - I firmly believe that she is a reincarnated japanese artist, instead of the talented canadian/american persona that she presents.  Speaking of Pauline -
A new silk bag, beaded and embellished.  And yes, those are coffee beans in the background - this extraordinary woman roasts her own!  I can hardly wait to dig into them... Sunday morning, to accompany the leftover brisket hash and eggs that I've promised.
This silk bag will house my Signature circular needle sets.  It's THAT special!  Detail - Pauline's forte.
She also sent a shawl - one of many colors.  It is highly symbolic and mightily charged with emotion.  Some things deserve and demand a decent 'sotte voce'.   I won't be sharing these aspects, but I will say thank you again ... and many times over, for the comfort and the love.


Delisa said...

Hi Jody, these images of the suffering in Japan are really getting to me too. I think they will be with all of us for a long time to come. Your tender heart and desire to give and help is a beautiful and meaningful thing. The shawl your friend gave you is breathtaking. The colors are very calming and comforting. I can see why you treasure it. I hope that you are able to rest better tonight and sleep well. Delisa

JelliDonut said...

This is so heart breaking. It really is hard to find words.

Paulina said...

Japan. So much of my soul is enveloped in that culture. I watch everything I can find on TV regarding all of this. I mean, what have they done to deserve this? And so much of my product comes from there. What will I do. How selfish of me to think this. When I think of all that art just washed away. I just weep. We are so secure in this country, we take so much for granted.