Sunday, September 23, 2012

a pillow-y kind of week

I don't know where the summer disappeared to.  It's time for me to return to work and I still have a memorial service to attend before I can close the chapter to summer 2012.  Scott lost a first cousin and his oldest brother within a few weeks of one another, and he is reeling from all of the bad news.  We would benefit from some good news.

Sewing really saved me this month.  I started with beach pillows for my daughter -
Lying on a blanket in the sand will be a more comfortable experience with mom's portable pillows to support the head!  I added tabs and clips for the storage of car keys - minimal is best at the beach!  No one wants to lug around a bunch of stuff!
So much fun to make - and now I need to get these in the mail.
I had another order for pillows - what's with the pillows this month?  (I am not complaining!)
These colors are outside of my comfort zone!  But I admit, I enjoyed them once I got rolling along!
Each one is reversible - 
At last count there were 5 babies to knit and quilt for in the coming months.  The first shower is next Sunday and I've got nothing!  Did my Muse go on vacation without me?


Suz said...

ah you'll be fine...summer is leaving soon...and then we can settle in to stew,warm bread (at least you can) soups....snuggling
....your pillows are beautiful
and baby stuff.....a divine gift
from your big heart...such talent

Delisa said...

Hi Jody, I am so sorry to hear about Scott's cousin and brother. I know that must have been a terrible shock for your family. Please tell him that my family sends him our love during this sad time. I hope that you will have an easy time as you return to work. Vacation time always flies by so fast. You have sure made some beautiful creations on your time off! My goodness Jody you are positively "prolific". :) I love the beach pillows. Your fabric choices as always are just perfect. Five babies to knit for? Wow, that is a lot.

I came across this really neat idea for a super quick shower gift. They have a gazillion soft fleece prints out these days, also the super-soft minky fabrics. I cut them into the size for a baby blanket and then with a matching yarn I blanket stitch around the edges. Using that blanket stitch as an anchor I knit or crochet a pretty edging. I can usually finish one in an evening. I have had more nice comments about those blankets than I received when I have taken two months to knit a sweater. Go figure! :)

I am going to be getting a new creative space soon and I am so excited I am about ready to pop. My mother-in-law who has lived with us for 12 years is going to be moving out and getting her first apartment! This is a really good thing and she is excited and happy. She is only 67 and is in very good health, she can run circles around me. They built a beautiful senior complex just about 20 min. down the road from us and they have trips and activities, just what she has always wanted.

She now has the whole upstairs of our house which was converted into a little apartment for her with a bathroom. Now that she is moving I am going to be able to have this upstair space for my studio! It is going to be so neat Jody, it has beautiful little alcove windows that look out over the pond. It is so cozy and I am going to have a lot more space to spread out. Once I get it all set up I'll post about it and show you some pictures. Have a good day my friend and until next time... Love, Delisa :)